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Tennis Courts





Tennis Courts

With several tennis specific grass surfaces manufactured by Sportsgrass, we are able to design all types of tennis courts in polypropylene or polyethylene in various standard and custom colours. With products designed for single residential courts to multi court complexes, Sportsgrass tennis courts are manufactured for little to no maintenance and are all asthetically pleasing.

Sports Fields & Ovals

Sportsgrass are at the forefront of multipurpose grass applications. With several synthetic grass solutions and the ability to design many sports fields with different coloured lines in the one area. Multipurpose sports fields never looked so good. Primary schools, high schools, councils and colleges now have the solution to turn one single area into a multifunctional sportsfield. With the ability to play athletics, tennis, netball, handball and basketball - all on the one surface, your area can truly be called multipurpose.

Bowls Greens

Sportsgrass Bowls Grass is the most advanced, hi-tech synthetic bowls surface available world-wide. Installed on a 45 degree angle allows more north-south and east-west bowling to avoid any seam interference. Installed on a porous engineered base and grass system assuring absolute eveness for the bowl and includes rapid drainage after heavy rainfalls. Manufactured to World Bowls Standards our surfaces can be tailored to suit specific speed and roll requirements.

Football & Soccer

BoagSPORTS can provide safer (Kid-Safe) playing fields that are a long term asset to clubs and councils, while saving precious water with low maintenance. Sportsgrass is at the forefront of football and soccer grass development. With several grass surfaces available in the football and soccer range, we can provide the most advanced surfaces for large ovals and community playing fields.

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